Berghs International wants to find an innovative way to approach markets for education outside of Sweden and the Nordics, in a way that goes beyond today's offering.
- provide a disruptive solution to the challenge
- identify a clear position for Berghs International
- design products/services* that will allow us to reach that positioning.

Berghs Connect is a digital platform where Berghs School of Communication utilizes the competence of present and former Berghs students. It aims to fill the growing need for effective marketing and communication solutions created by the ongoing digital revolution. Through Berghs Connect, the students will be the natural distributor of quality guaranteed knowledge and competence development for the international industry of communication. Through our network and the platform of Berghs Connect we believe that Berghs can take a position among one of the best schools of communication, not just in the world of advertising but for anyone who has an interest in the field of professional communication.

The visual identity of Berghs Connect is inspired by Scandinavian design and its simplicity. Parts of Berghs’ identity are represented to clarify that Berghs Connect is a product created by the Berghs School of Communication. The familiar Berghs exclamation point is encircled by an open hexagon that resembles a C. In the logo the solid typography of Berghs is complemented with a sans serif to visualize a modern and innovative solution. The chosen typography is GT Walsheim, a modern sans serif that has a gently playful character. The colours represent "The Swedish Way" and the pattern consists of two open hexagons that are connected to represent a global network where everyone contributes and shares responsibility.

My Work
Me and Linnea put together the digital strategy and idea. Me and Anders than brought together the visual identity and film below. Since the project had no copywriter I also wrote the script and came up with the name of the platform.


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